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Why Choose IMPACT Solutions?

1. Advance Team-based Care for Your Patients

Best-in-class services utilizing high quality, evidence-based innovations that include pharmacist services, are easy to administer/fulfill, document, and be paid for as you collaborate with patients and other care team members.

2. Integrated Validation, Efficient Payment

Utilizing a combination of technology and human process innovation, the IMPACT Network offers Solutions for your practice that let you focus on delivering high quality care while your efficient process steps create the basis for service delivery payment.

3. History of Success, Strong Evidence-Base

A 25+ year history of new innovations in prevention and health management that optimize access and processes of care are changing the landscape of how team-based care that includes pharmacists is being implemented and delivered in the United States.

4. Easy to Qualify and Join IMPACT Network

Your practice is already qualified to become a member of the IMPACT Network if you have an APhA membership and your pharmacy practice has an Organizational NPI registration and a Clinical Laboratory Improvements Act (CLIA) certificate of waiver.

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