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IMPACT Care Transformation Network

The IMPACT Care Transformation Network (“IMPACT Network”) was established by the APhA Foundation in 2021 with the aim of improving patient-centered, team-based care that includes pharmacists. Becoming a participating practice in the IMPACT Network will allow us all to collaborate on scaling innovative models of care in pharmacy practice through infrastructure and opportunities for pharmacists to deliver and be compensated for innovative services. 

Pharmacy practices that are part of the IMPACT Network will have the opportunity to participate in various service offerings or research initiatives, referred to as "Solutions". The best news is that APhA members may enroll their practice in the IMPACT Network free of charge, completing a master services agreement with a BAA, and then may choose to participate in various Solutions offered by the APhA Foundation. 

The IMPACT Network is designed to implement principle-centered processes of care that engage patients in meaningful ways at the point of care, facilitate pharmacists practicing at the top of their license within scope of practice, provide seamless opportunities for pharmacists to collaborate and communicate with other health care providers, and create consistency and predictability in delivering patient care. The IMPACT Network provides solutions for pharmacies and equips pharmacists with the tools they need to succeed in the ever-changing pharmacy and healthcare landscape.

As part of the IMPACT Network, your practice will have the opportunity to participate in future Solutions that include point-of-care and home testing with integrated pharmacists services.

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