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Practice-Based Research Initiatives

The APhA Foundation is a national leader in pharmacy practice-based research and has a 25-plus year history of producing successful, innovative programs that improve the quality of consumer health outcomes. Our work has focused in two different areas; health promotion/disease prevention and health management/disease management. This ever-expanding research started with a focus on medication adherence and optimizing medication use to support achievement of treatment goals. Substantial research has been focused on chronic disease management that helps prevent serious complications, increased medical spending, and hospitalizations. Key outcomes typically evaluated include clinical, process, humanistic, and economic measures. New innovations in prevention that optimize access and processes of care are changing the landscape of how team-based care that includes pharmacists can be implemented. Ultimately, all of our efforts are engineered to contribute to the health and well being of the patients and other healthcare providers that we collaborate with and serve. Additional information and key outcomes of each of the Foundation’s research projects can be found at

As part of the IMPACT Network, your practice will have the opportunity to participate in future Solutions and practice-based research.

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